“Thank you for making my dress perfect. ~ Mary Beth”



 “I’m thrilled to have found Stella via a recommendation from a very prestigious client. Stella not only pays attention to detail but is very thorough & can alter virtually anything with a quick turnaround. She is very professional and reliable. All of the Elizabeth Charles staff & numerous clients have been more than satisfied with her work. I recommend her to all my clients for the quality of service and fair price she charges. Moreover, she is a wonderful person.

Christine L., Manager at Elizabeth Charles San Francisco 



  Stella, big thank you for designing and making for me the most beautiful wedding dress. It was absolutely perfect and made me feel chic, glamorous and incredibly stylish. It fully represents the fashion of 50's. People were really taken by it! Thank you for all of your hard work and making it in such a short time!   ~ Angelina F.   


  Atelier Stella is my go-to when I need alterations for couture and designer pieces. Her workmanship is immaculate! From Zac Posen gowns (straight off the runway) to Celine blazers, she's got me covered. She's the only person I trust to handle these delicate pieces.     ~Songya K. 


  “Stella Nik is San Francisco’s best kept secret! For over 12 years, I have worked for French Fashion Houses, where the attention to detail and perfection are a non-negotiable standard. We only use master tailors to alter our pieces.

How did I find Stella? Two years ago, in a time crunch, I wanted to make what all tailors in San Francisco told me was impossible. Finally, the last tailor in the city told me that there was only one person in the city that can make it possible for me, and he gave me a telephone number and a name. This was my final hope. I called, and she said to meet her the same day. I was exhausted and ready to give up on my dream.

I showed Stella my vision, and the piece in question I wanted her to bring to life! Without hesitation, she nodded, and with a humble smile Stella said, “Yes, I can do it for you.”

In less than a week she created a masterpiece. Every single stitch was magical and brought my vision to life.

This piece was very important to me for two reasons. First, it was my birthday. And, it was the Opening Gala Night of the San Francisco Opera, my favorite night of the year!

I came to her atelier, in a secret location on one of the most famous streets in San Francisco. No one knows what a master hides behind a store front. I rushed up the stairs not knowing how the final product would look. I put all of my trust and faith in Stella’s magical hands. I stepped into the gown, and it was like an illusion! The piece was what is called in the Couture world...a masterpiece!

I was one of the most photographed women at the opening night. There was not a single woman that walked by without paying a compliment. My dress walked the red carpet with pieces by masters like Oscar de la Renta, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Reem Acra, and many others.

I jealously kept the secret of this talented woman with the magical hands, but it would be unfair for me not to share with the world what a treasure she is!

~ Brenda Z.”  


  I've worked with Stella for a number of years and she provides high quality service at very reasonable prices. I can always trust her with my clothes. She's the best!     ~ Beatrice P. (Yelp)